2009 Cover Model Contest

Lauren Pappas

Temple University | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I’m an actress, fitness model and broadcaster/host. I also work as the editor of health and fitness for a magazine in Manhattan. I love what I do for a living!! I feel very lucky :)

I’ve been blessed the past year with some amazing opportunities in the entertainment business. I’ve been fortunate to meet some pretty exquisite & talented people too.

I’m also certified personal trainer and recently made my first fitness DVD. I exercise daily, eat healthy & drink lots of water. My body is my temple. I am a very positive person. I have a good attitude & outlook on life. I’m outgoing & friendly. I’m ambitious & determined.

I can be very competitive and love a challenge. I’m down to earth. I’m extremely independent. I have a good sense of humor and come from a very comedic family.

Lauren Pappas - Temple University

I immediately take to anyone who can make me laugh or who understands my humor. I’m fun to be around & sometimes quite silly. I try not to take myself too seriously, with the exception of my education & athletic activities.

If you can’t laugh at yourself, you have no business laughing at others. I love change & adapt easily. Changes are what make life exciting. I love to travel and see new places. I studied abroad in Italy & Greece two summers ago. This trip changed my life. I lived in a small town in Italy. I found myself immersed in Italian culture. I get very nostalgic when I think about Italy & Greece. I can’t wait to see the rest of the world.

I believe you can learn from anyone in any walk of life. Everyone has something to teach. I’m a very open minded & accepting person. I don’t judge people, especially when I don’t know them. I try to make the most out of every situation. I try to find the positive in everything. I like to live everyday as if it’s my last. I enjoy going out to dinner & trying new foods. And I always order desert :)

Your just not living life to the fullest if you don’t order desert. I really like chocolate. I love music. I’m very close with my family. I have amazing & loyal friends. I’m grateful for all the wonderful people in my life & that I continue to meet. Thank you for your love & support :)

XOXO -Lauren

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